Healthy Tasmania is Podcasting

We love sharing stories through podcasts. What we love even more is how podcasts are able to educate their listeners whilst entertaining them; it's incidental learning at it's best. Done well, we've seen how podcasts can shift long-held beliefs or out-dated stereotypes through the science of storytelling. Not just any stories, stories people want to hear. Sound useful? Get in touch and let's find out if podcasts are the right platform for you to inspire the sorts of conversations that will shift people’s thinking for the better.


We've just wrapped up season two of Health Speak which you can listen to below.


We have two more series in pre-production!

  • We're working with some key partners to create a series that will help you understand and cope with common mental health issues in your family. It's psychoeducation that makes sense, make changes and you won't forget.

  • After the huge interest in our Family Violence episode in the second season of Health Speak, we are working with a team of experts to create an eight-episode series to give community members the skills and confidence to know how to support people experiencing family violence. 





Season Two of Health Speak has landed!


How to help when you an't make a casserole - Helping others, from our homes, during COVID-19.


The 2nd season of Health Speak helps us to help others, and to take the load off our health professionals and other community services who are flat out during the COVID-19 pandemic. So how do we help when we can’t go round for a cuppa, make a casserole or give someone a cuddle? Penny Terry chats with some of those people and support services who are doing it really tough right now, to find some practical, simple ways that we can all help, from our homes. Penny will cut through the really complex stuff, so you can leave the conversation knowing you can be helpful rather than helpless.



Season One of Health Speak was fun:


Health people, without the jargon.


This podcast is the fastest (and often funniest) way to learn which health professionals you really need in your life. The statistics tell us that most Australians don’t know enough about “Health Speak” to properly look after their health. From Bum Doctors to Speech Pathologists, Dieticians to Exercise Physiologists, in this podcast Penny Terry rejects the health jargon, bans the big words and leaves the Latin alone as she finds out who these people are, how they can help, and what they do… to you.

This project was funded by the Healthy Tasmania Community Innovations Grants through the Tasmanian Government.