Get Psyched podcast launches

FEBRUARY 1 2021 - 6:30PM

Launceston's Get Psyched podcast launches


A new podcast is hoping to provide the answers to all the things young Tasmanians wish they knew about mental health.

Get Psyched was produced in Launceston and its six episodes touch on mental health, sleep, busy minds, judgement and giving or receiving help.

It allows listeners to hear fellow Launcestonians describe how their day to day life was impacted by their mental health, from brushing their teeth to getting to sleep.



One of the contributors is Luke Bracey and he said mental health was an issue that needed more light shed on it.

"Mental health is a very important thing that people seem to ignore," he said.

"With the male persona, we are meant to be all tough and ... people consider males weak if they speak out about issues but I kind of see it as the opposite of that.

"I kind of feel it takes a lot of strength and personality to bring it out and share it with people."

It also pairs the personal stories with Headspace clinicians who outline how the brain works in relation to the episode's topic.

Headspace partnered with Healthy Tasmania to create the podcast.

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