Working in the Gaps (what we do)

Chapter 5 - April 2021

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The most common question we get asked at Healthy Tasmania is "but what do you really do?" So, we decided that 2021 was the time to start explaining. In edition 5, we cover how to make the perfect satay sauce, why our data collection app is not just a data collection app, our South Australian connection, a story about radiology and health and wellbeing programs. If you want to subscribe to this special list you can fill out your details by subscribing here

Right health care, place and time

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Health is the number one priority of Tasmanians in relation to their wellbeing, and the number one concern for the future. This was a key finding of the final report from the Premier's Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council, including a wellbeing survey involving more than 3000 Tasmanians from across the state. Read through to read the story first seen in the Examiner newspaper.