Healthy Tasmania was created by us, Tasmanian sisters Lucy Byrne and Penny Terry. 


After a childhood spent on a farm in beautiful Northern Tasmania, we each took off to 'the mainland', overseas and then moved back home to live, learn and work.


During that time Lucy fostered the more analytical side of her brain, while Penny fell deeply into her creative side.


Then, after two very separate careers and over a glass of wine, we decided to combine our brains and our skills sets so we could start doing things differently, to get things done. 


We created Healthy Tasmania to find better ways to solve some of the common problems that prevent people from being as healthy and happy as they can be and from performing at their best.


 After all, we're sisters. We've been working together to solve problems since Penny was born!


This is clearly a big job, so we found a non-sister (Hayden) to join our small team. From then on we grew, introducing two new members of our team in 2021 - Amy and Rachel!

We've also collected a network of brilliant people and partners that we can pull together to get your job done.


Together we do all sorts of things.


Keep reading to see what we've collected in our big basket of skills.

Healthy Tasmania - Lucy Byrne

Lucy Byrne

Managing Director

Lucy Byrne

Managing Director

Lucy likes to be busy and get things done. She has been working in the community sector for almost 20 years. Lucy’s worked in youth justice, in local government, in higher education, research and health promotion.

LUCY BYRNE – Managing Director

Our Managing Director Lucy Byrne is the powerhouse of Healthy Tasmania. She is passionate about successful collaboration (rather than competition) to deliver projects that create crucial and lasting change (what a legend). She is a preventative health professional and an expert in community-wide initiatives and will happily share her brain with you. Lucy can talk the talk with experience in high level policy development, strategic planning, has presented her research at international conferences, been published in peer reviewed literature and networks with people of influence to secure support for projects. Her favourite thing though is to walk the walk and help you form partnerships, write policy, secure funding, design programs, manage those programs, deal with the paperwork (and the headaches) and create great outcomes that she’ll proudly promote till the cows come home. Speaking of which, Lucy grew up on farm and has lived in big cities and small towns; she happily pulls on the work boots, heels, sneakers (even thongs at a stretch) for the park or the boardroom, to visit the neighbourhood house or parliament house and get the job done. Plus, she has two little people that she looks after (as well as those two below) and has recently graduated with a Master of Biomedical Science (Research) at the University of Tasmania. Give Lucy a call to find out how Healthy Tasmania can pull it all together for you and make it happen.


  • Tasmanian Board of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (AHPRA) Non-Executive Board Director, 2021 – current

  • Hockey Tasmania - Non-Executive Board Director, 2020 – current

  • headspace Launceston Consortium - Chair, 2018 - current

  • Trauma Informed Practise 2020

  • Mental Health First Aid 2020

  • Master of Biomedical Science (Research), 2018

  • Health Entrepreneur Award – Launceston Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence awards, 2018

  • Northern Tas Development Corporation - Board Director for Health, 2017 - 2020

  • Launceston Chamber of Commerce Community and Health Industry Committee - Committee Member, 2018 - current

  • Australian Institute of Company Directors, Company Directors Course (Graduate), 2017

  • Managing Mental Health in the Workplace, 2017

  • Tasmanian Leaders Program, 2011

  • Telstra Business Woman of the Year Finalist, 2015

  • Women Sport and Recreation Tasmania, Non-Executive Board Director, 2012 – 14

  • Advanced Diploma of Business Management, 2007

  • Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Management, 2000

  • PCYC Non-Executive Board Director, 2003

  • WWVP 907522247


Healthy Tasmania - Penny Terry

Penny Terry

Creative Director

Penny Terry

Creative Director

Penny is always creating. She’s made it her career for more than 15 years working in local radio, marketing and the occasional live music gig. She finds people fascinating and loves to share stories that help us better understand one another.

PENNY TERRY – Creative Director

Penny Terry loves a good yarn because she knows good stories are the quickest and most effective way to make people care about who you are, what you do and why it’s important (word!). She’s spent more than a decade as an ABC radio presenter, broadcasting upwards of 20,000 stories from diverse perspectives (she’s probably interviewed your Mum).  Penny is known for her innovative approach to storytelling, listening carefully and asking the questions that don’t occur to others. She has a real knack for helping people feel heard, allowing them to confidently share their perspectives, stories and experiences in a way that makes others take notice.  She now helps people and organisations tell their stories and create their own willing tribe of advocates.  As a speaker, facilitator, mentor and MC Penny champions storytelling, drawing from the thousands of stories she’s collected and shared throughout her career to date. She demonstrates how good storytelling skills are critical along the path to influence and can change conversations from outrage to empathy and inspire collaboration over competition. Penny shows audiences how to take the fear out of contributing to public conversations as she unpacks authenticity, the science of opinions and the power of emotion and vulnerability. She always wanted to be a rockstar and now sings to her kids (and colleagues) whenever she gets the chance.  Sit down with Penny and see for yourself how many ideas she has that will help bring your project to life.


  • Guest lecturer Australian Film, Television and Radio School, 2021
  • Mental Health First Aid, 2020
  • Trauma Informed Practise, 2020
  • Winner 'Best New Radio Program' Community Radio Awards, 2020
  • Speakership, The Arts of Speaking, 2019
  • Thought Leaders Business School, 2019
  • Telstra Business Woman of the Year ‘Public sector and Academia’ Tasmanian Winner, 2016
  • Telstra Business Woman of the Year National Finalist, 2016
  • High Impact Presentation Skills – Dramatic Difference, 2017
  • An Introduction to Broadcasting (ABC radio - 2008)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies), 2003
  • Professional development in media law, audience engagement, writing for online and social media management 
  • WWVP 932027436



Healthy Tasmania - Hayden Fox

Hayden Fox

Project Coordinator

Hayden Fox

Project Coordinator

Hayden has the knack of motivating people. He loves meeting new people, learning about them, from them, and helping them reach their goals. He’s an experienced fitness instructor, trainer, coach and project coordinator. You’ll feel like you’ve known him for years.

HAYDEN FOX - Project Coordinator

Hayden is a doer.  He loves working with people and you'll soon find out why people love working with him. It's most likely you'll get to know Hayden while he's organising the day to day coordination of your program (or perhaps making some terrible dad jokes over email). He is one of those people that is so relatable and easy to get along with, he makes program participants immediately comfortable – our clients can see that he ‘gets it’. Hayden’s has turned his love for sport and recreation into his job (yes, he’s a clever one) and is passionate about increasing community engagement in physical activity. He’s got a real talent for helping just about anyone get excited about exercise, health and wellbeing and good nutrition. He’s spent time with the Tasmanian Institute of Sport, AFL Tasmania and his local football clubs University-Mowbray and North Launceston as head strength and conditioning coach. Hayden’s got all the tickets to lead activity sessions and instruct fitness classes and training programs. You’ll soon learn Hayden loves a challenge; he’s completed a full marathon (Melbourne), trained cricketer Jade Child to a Guinness World Record for a 24hr net session and rode a pushbike from Launceston to Hobart and Launceston to Cradle Mountain…  just for fun


  • Mental Health First Aid, 2020
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science, 2013
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Level 1 coach, 2012-2020
  • Registered accredited exercise professional with Fitness Australia, 2014- current
  • Tasmanian Young Achiever of the Year Nominee, 2016
  • Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition, 2017
  • Tasmanian Leaders Program (I-LEAD) , 2019
  • Pool Lifeguard, 2017
  • Golden Key Society Member, 2014
  • YMCA Non-Executive Board Director, 2019
  • WWVP 909213589





Healthy Tasmania - Amy Walker

Amy Walker

Digital Coordinator

Amy Walker

Digital Coordinator

With a passion for graphic design, you’ll often find Amy creating something bespoke with Adobe. Amy’s worked across the tourism sector for almost 20 years.

AMY WALKER – Digital Coordinator

Passionate for graphic design, Amy’s often creating bespoke Adobe projects. Working across the tourism sector for almost 20 years, Amy’s worked as a freelance graphic and web designer, a brand and marketing consultant, health promotion, and youth & family services. She is also a qualified historian, published author and AUSTSWIM instructor. Amy’s executive management skills often solve client problems that are usually outsourced.


  • Master of Environmental Management - Environmental Tourism in Tasmania 2014
  • Bachelor of Arts - Tourism, History and Sociology. 2012
  • Professional Development in Graphic and Website design.
  • GT Stillwell Prize for best performance in Australian History UTAS
  • Tasmanian Tourism Awards Bronze
  • Business Excellence Awards Finalist
  • Telstra Business Awards Finalist
  • Remote Area First Aid                                                                                                                                                       
  • Eco and Adventure Guiding CIII
  • Flatwater Kayak Guide                                                                                   
  • Conservation and Land Management CII
  • AUSTSWIM Instructor                                   
  • Tasmanian Tourism Conference – Presenter
  • Tourism Tasmania 2030 – Strategic Contributor
  • Launceston and Tamar Valley Tourism Association - Board Member
  • Active Strahan - Executive Board Member.
  • The Unconformity – Heritage, Volunteer and Administration Coordinator
  • Working with Vulnerable People



Healthy Tasmania - Rachel Breen

Rachel Breen

Project Officer

Rachel Breen

Project Officer

Rachel works part-time as a tutor at UTAS but is in her happy place when she is out in the community creating partnerships and evaluating outcomes. Rachel brings her clinical insights and research knowledge to the Healthy Tasmania team.

RACHEL BREEN – Project Officer

Rachel is a behaviour change consultant, researcher, psychologist in training and PhD candidate. Her passion is for helping people to be the healthiest they can be. She has a particular interest in promoting smoking cessation, which she has been honing her skills in through her PhD work. She has published in academic peer-reviewed journals, written program evaluation reports, and has presented her research at national and international conferences. Rachel works part-time as a tutor at the University of Tasmania teaching students about health psychology and research methods but is in her happy place when she is out in the community creating partnerships and evaluating outcomes. Rachel brings her clinical insights and research knowledge to the Healthy Tasmania team and is focusing on the Smoke-Free project for City Mission.


  • PhD Candidate (medical studies), current
  • EHPS conference oral presentation award, 2021
  • Graduate Certificate in Research, 2020
  • Come Walk with Us, 2019
  • Bachelor of Psychology (honours), 2017
  • WWVP: 399539501