Thanks to UTAS students for taking part in The Huddle

Over the last three months, seven of our students have participated in the Huddle Project, an empowering initiative led by the North Melbourne Football Club. RCS students have helped facilitate a number of leader- ship activities and programs with local schools in Devonport since March. Core messages such as health and wellbeing, higher education, entrepre- neurship, volunteering and leadership have been explored through activity based sessions including team building, digital games, fun and fitness, phys- ical challenges, sports design, balance and strength, mini Olympics and coaching. The final session for this program was held earlier this week at the Mersey Bluff which focused on leadership and coaching with Rural Clinical School students advising the young par- ticipants found this very beneficial. A big thank you to our students for taking time to contribute to this local program and for being great ambassadors for the RCS. 


This article first appeared in the May edition of the Rural Clinical School newsletter.

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