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So, we hear you're keen to help Tasmanians improve their health, social and economic outcomes? Us too!

This is a call for Expression of Interest's for people who want to be listed on our Brilliant People Registry. 
Allied health professionals, health/life/sports coaches, personal trainers, dance instructors, counsellors, business mentors, storytellers and activity leaders are all encouraged to apply.

If you're a good fit, we may call on you to provide sessions for the various programs we manage. It's a triple threat opportunity: You get PAID, you get to PROMOTE what you do, and you can PULL in new clients (see, it's brilliant).

When struggling with literacy can be a life and death issue

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Back at the beginning of 2018 we were contacted by Tasmanian superstar Rosie Martin who you might know as the 2017 Tasmanian Australian of the Year for her work teaching literacy and communication to prisioners. Rosie asked us to contribute a short article that would outline how poor literacy skills affects the people we work with day to day. Our article makes up just part of a huge body of work that Rosie has pooled together for a project called Communicating: The Heart of Literacy. It's a public dialogue about communication, literacy, enablement, collaboration, and relational trust and we'd encourage you to head to to read some incredible Tasmanian stories. Recently our article appeared in The Mercury - click through to have a read.

City Mission tries to flick the habit with a little help

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Quitting smoking is hard. Really hard. That's why having help from your workplace to QUIT is really really valuable. We're excited to be working with the Launceston's City Mission on their #mission2quit program and we were chuffed when a heap of news reporters turned up to cover this amazing program, from Southern Cross News, Win News, ABC local radio and The Examiner. Click through to read the article that featured in The Examiner.

'Booster' for GPs on how to talk vaccines with parents

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We've been working on an awesome project with The Royal flying Doctor service for some years now called Right as Rain. Put simply, we work with locals to find out where they need support to improve the health of their community, then we find the funds and get the job done! One of the issues that's been identified in a few communitites recently is helping doctors talk with parents to improve immunisation rates. Well.... we brought in an expert, called in the news crews and packed out a room in Ulverstone! The program featured on Southern Cross News, Win News, ABC Northern Tasmania and featured in The Advocate TWICE. Click through to read the story.