Our podcasts plans

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We're thrilled with the write up in The Sunday Examiner about our top 10 finalist spot for The Regional Australia Institute's 'Lightbulb Moments' competition. Have a read of this article by the talented Piia Wirsu to find out what we're planning. It seems our plans are already expanding.... watch this space!

Tasmanian podcast series

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We were thrilled to be named a top-ten finalist in the Regional Australia Institute's inagural Lightbulb Moments competition. After a busy 6 months working with the RAI to further develop the proposal we're moving into a stage of pre-production and have been really buoyed by the support and commitment we've received from many different sectors so far.  We're passionate about letting Tasmanians lead the conversation about their state, (cause let's be honest, they know it best) so we're creating a way for Tasmanian voices to be heard and their stories to be shared. My word we're excited about this one - expect to hear much more about it soon.