A website update or a team building exercise?

12 months spent improving the health of Tasmanians

Have you ever tried to write down all the things you do at work, all the skills you use? Do it quickly in your head now. If you think about that list, is it interesting? Are you impressed by your abilities? Or further still, now you know what your REAL position description is, would you apply for the job?

I would. Again and again. You’ll soon understand why.

We’ve just been through this process. Not as a team building exercise or as a business planning gig, but simply so we could update our website. Who knew how thought provoking updating a website would be? While we didn’t include the smaller things like “trips to kmart to buy plastic toys for a team building day”, we’ve now got most of the stuff we do listed on our website and you know what, we’re pretty proud of this list. What’s even better is we’ve got some things ‘greyed out’ that we’ll be adding to the list soon. Have a browse through the 'What we do' section of our website that you'll find just up there in the navigation bar.

Looking at this list is pretty exciting for us. It’s 12 months since we decided to become more than just sisters, create a start-up business and call it Healthy Tasmania. We were inspired to bring our skill sets together to provide a unique and innovative approach to solving the tricky problems we deal with as Tasmanians; individually and as a state.

The first 12 months, eh. It’s a milestone. Babies are often walking by the time they turn one. I feel like we’ve been running. Yep, it’s been a big year.

We’ve teamed up with not-for-profits, AFL football clubs, local governments and the University running projects that break down some of the barriers many Tasmanians face in living healthy, happy lives and to be able to contribute to our society. Some days I feel like we’re tradies building pathways; without a spade or bobcat but with strategy, partnerships and programs.

We’ve also been employing casuals and heaps of subcontractors right across Tasmania - running training days, managing existing programs and adapting programs to local needs, consulting with communities, writing strategies, grant applications, media releases, speaking at events, running events, developing new innovative projects, creating new partnerships, speaking with high level policy makers and joining up lots of dots. One of the best bits is that we get to work with committed people, who want to do good things for our state. If that’s you, we'd love you to have a good old look around our website while you're here www.healthytasmania.com.au.

There’s been a fair bit happening with work ON the business too. We are both no longer working in other jobs, we’re learning new skills, we’ve joined boards, we’re managing growth, we’re working on new opportunities, we’re getting well outside the comfort zone, planning for what our future will look like, oh and we’ve updated our website (did I mention that already?) Plus we’ve got hats, branded – trucker – hats.

Beyond the business, we’ve had a tough year on a number of levels. One of the toughest. It’s time to stop and thank the many people who have encouraged us in our pursuits; mentoring us, words of advice, debriefing with us, telling us that we CAN do it and that we ARE doing it, trusting us under our new brand to deliver what we said we would… and paying us for doing a good job. As our Mum would say ‘bless your cotton socks’. It all helps. We like to think successfully making it through the last 12 months hasn’t been good luck… it’s been on purpose. It’s also been uncomfortably exciting.

It may have been a whole year since you checked out our website and we now cordially invite you to have a good look again and “ask not what you can do for Healthy Tasmania but what Healthy Tasmania can do for you”... or something along those lines.


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