Need a fast easy way to capture all of the rich data from your community-based health and wellbeing program? Need to report to funding bodies on the success of your initiative or provide an evaluation of your workplace program? Do you need information such as who attended, how old they are, where they live, what health conditions they have? We know how much time it takes to collect and collate all this information to we've designed an easy to use app especially for the job! 


  • Collect and store data easily and confidently. 
  • Reduce the time and money spent on manual data entry and reduce the risk of human error. 


The “I’m In” phone app is a fast and efficient way to collect and collate large amounts of participation and demographic data from large community events, local programs workplace sessions and other services. Developed and regularly updated since 2017, the ‘I’m In’ phone app has been successfully used across multiple community projects and provides large sets of informed data. 


This app has been developed by us, a team who design, deliver and evaluate multiple health and wellbeing projects and who understand the crucial, yet often tedious process of collecting data in a community setting. It provides a variety of data such as gathering contact information for future promotion, understanding participation numbers, collecting demographic and health status information for reporting, providing event organisers with emergency contact details, and even sign off on insurance indemnity and photo consent. 


The app has been designed to ensure the data collection process is seamless for both session instructors and participants. Participants only need to fill out their details once, then provide their unique QR code which will be scanned by an event manager or session instructor to register their attendance and participation in the activity. 


Their personal information is stored securely on a contacts management system allowing the project managers to easily analyse their data and produce meaningful reports. 


As with all community-based programs, some participants will shy away from providing their personal information digitally, and as such, this app also integrates seamlessly with paper-based forms when required.


Get in touch with us today to organise a licence agreement for your organisation to use this cutting edge technology.